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The Unit gallery came to us wanting to publish a limited edition of African Child an original oil painting by Ryan Hewett, for his solo show at their London gallery.

We worked with them and the artist to create a limited edition that had elements of the original painting but also worked as a strong image in its own right.

The original painting had areas of texture with thickly applied paint that contrasted with the other flatter areas of the image. To keep this contrast in the print we applied layers of texture using silkscreen to raise the surface. We then printed the colour image over this with our flatbed printer.

There were also areas of bright orange in the original that were not fully replicable on the digital printer. To bring these out we over printed with a hand mixed bright orange using a silkscreen.

By using this combination of printing methods, we were able to create a print that captured the spirit of the original painting as well as standing on its own as a beautiful limited edition.

Both the Unit and Ryan were very happy with the result and the print sold out on release so fans of Ryans work must have been happy with it too.

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