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Photography is the first step to creating the perfect print from original artwork. 

 When creating any type of print-based on an original artwork high-quality photography is essential.

We offer both high-quality photography and colour matching, for either printmaking or to archive your work. 

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Detailed image capture up to 1248 Mega Pixels 


Colour matching to original artwork 

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High-resolution digital files to print any size  

High Resolution Photography Sussex


Our in-house camera is based on a large-format Toyo camera. This is combined with the latest scan back which has up to 1248 MPixels resolution and captures every pixel in three colours using complex algorithms to develop the raw image.  

This maintains the subtle variations of colour, tone gradations, and the finest detailed brush strokes or paper texture. It stops the merging tones and colours and the detail becoming pixilated. The resulting prints are punchy and full of original detail. 

Tanking your own photographs or suppling digital artwork? See our help section for more information.

What Is Photography For Printmaking?

We offer two types photography Copyrighted for printmaking with us and Copyright free Photography. 

We will take a high-resolution photograph with our digital camera of your original artwork that you can use to print with us any size you want. We will also store this file for you so you can print from it and supply you with a copy of the image based on the service you have chosen. 

We also offer a colour matching service on our photography. Once we have photographed your original artwork, we can supply you with a test strip or A4 print and you can then decide if you want to go ahead with colour matching.  

If you have supplied us with the digital files, we can print test strips and make adjustments to the files to alter the printed output.  

Contact us for more information or a quote for our photography services or call us on 01273 512554

Our Photography Services

Photography for Print Making

We will store this file for you so you can print from it with us now and in the future. We will also supply you with a 300dpi A4 size image file which you can use for websites, advertising, promotional materials etc. The copyright for these photographs remains with us.  

We will also supply you with the raw digital file. We make no claim on the copyright of these images.  

If you have paid for copyrighted photography and then decide you would like the high-res files you can pay the difference to get copyright-free photography, and we will supply you with the raw files. 


All artwork left at our studio is left at the artist's own risk. Insurance on valuable items is the artist's responsibility to organise. 

Copyrighted Photography
Copyright Free Photography
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