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In the world of printmaking, the quality of the artwork's digital representation is paramount. This blog explores why opting for professional photography, using advanced equipment such as the Toyo camera with a Rencay Scan back, significantly enhances the printmaking process compared to using a smartphone.

Why are photos on my phone not good enough to print?

While the convenience of capturing moments on a smartphone is undeniable, the inherent limitations of phone cameras make the resulting photos less than ideal for high-quality printing. Smartphone cameras typically utilize two-dimensional area sensors with Bayer colour filter matrices, relying on computationally intensive interpolation algorithms to generate colour images. This process often leads to compromises in image quality, introducing issues like moiré patterns and colour shifts, especially in finely structured originals.

In contrast, professional photography using specialised equipment ensures the capture of every pixel in three colours, maintaining subtle variations in colour, tone gradations, and fine details crucial for print reproduction. The advanced technology and meticulous processes employed by professional services prevent pixelation, merging tones, and other artefacts, resulting in prints that are not only high in resolution but also faithful to the original artwork's nuances.

Why Professional Photography Matters

Maintaining Subtle Variations:

The Toyo camera with Rencay Scan back, boasting up to 1248 MPixels resolution, captures every pixel in three colours. This ensures the preservation of subtle variations in colour, tone gradations, and fine details like brush strokes or paper texture.

Two-Dimensional vs. Trilinear Sensor:

Unlike the 2D area sensor found in smartphones, the trilinear sensor in the Rencay scanner uses RGB colour filters. This eliminates the need for computationally intensive interpolation algorithms, ensuring accurate colour information for small structures in the image.

Avoiding Pixelation and Merged Tones:

Complex algorithms in the scan back prevent pixelation and the merging of tones and colours. The result is prints that are not only high in resolution but also punchy and full of original detail.

Advantages of Rencay MultiScan Process:

The Rencay MultiScan process enhances basic resolution through precise sensor movements, allowing for extremely high resolutions. This is particularly crucial for large formats and detailed images.

Professional photography matters because it elevates the quality and fidelity of visual content, capturing details and nuances that might be overlooked with standard equipment. In the context of art, utilizing specialized tools ensures a level of precision and resolution that is essential for accurate reproductions.

The expertise of professional photographers, coupled with advanced technology, not only maintains subtle variations in colour, tone, and texture but also prevents issues like pixelation and merged tones.

The result is imagery that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of discerning audiences, making professional photography indispensable for those seeking the highest standards in visual representation.

Our Professional Artwork Photography Services also offer you all this:

Dedicated Photography Studio:

Equipped with high-resolution camera sensors, fine art lenses, and professional lighting, our studio can digitise artworks of various sizes and mediums, including three-dimensional objects and fragile items.

Attention to Detail:

With over 15 years of experience, we pay close attention to texture, details, and hues during the origination process. Our colour-managed devices and proprietary software ensure faithful reproductions.

Suitability for All Mediums:

Whether watercolour, oils, acrylics, photographs, or other mediums, our photography service captures fine details with precision.

Framed Artworks:

Our advanced techniques allow us to digitise framed artworks with glass or acrylic, ensuring colour-matched files every time.

Investing in professional artwork photography is an essential step in the printmaking process. The use of cutting-edge technology, such as the Toyo camera with Rencay Scan back, guarantees the highest quality digital representation of your artwork, setting the stage for stunning and accurate reproductions.

Explore our artwork photography services to elevate your printmaking process.

Contact us for a consultation and experience the difference professional photography can make in preserving the integrity of your artistic creations.


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