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We had an amazing time at the FEXPA 2019 Expo in Munich finding out what’s going on at the cutting edge of printing technology, as well as looking for some new gadgets for the studio. It was also a great opportunity to meet other people in the world of print.

Quentin and Caspar at the FESPA EXPO 2019
FESPA AWARDS Distinction 2019

Our lenticular and silkscreen print with Maria Rivans had been shortlisted Serigraphy and fine are category for the FESPA 2019 awards. A highly competitive category we came away from the awards night with a distinction.

The initial Lenticular vignettes of the artwork were printed on an Arizona flatbed printer. A silkscreen white base was then printed over the face of the sheet to cover the lenticular plastic so that was to remain static. Each sheet of plastic had to be manually tagged to enable silkscreen registration. Twenty colours were then silkscreened over the top to create the static image. The outer edges have a silkscreen double bend to give a halo effect around the head. The pattern work created in Illustrator then screened using pearl ink. Maria was keen that the face had an alabaster appearance, so gouache a flat, matt paint was silk-screened in 5 colour greys to achieve this. Gold, silver and copper leaf and interference colours have been under-printed in the map, ship and other areas.

Listing in the FESPA 2019 Award Catalog

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