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We often have artists and businesses come to us with a file they'd like to have printed. If you'd like to send us a file for printing there are a few specifications that we require to make sure you're getting the best quality product.

- All files need to be sent to us at a minimum of 300 dpi to ensure a high enough resolution for a good quality print.

- It also helps to make the image the size you'd like your physical print to be run at.

- The quality of the photograph or scan of your artwork has to be good enough for us to print from. Photos from phones are rarely of high enough quality. - Please ensure your files are in Adobe RGB colour space as the colours can change once they are converted on our system. You can get your files to us a variety of ways. Digitally, we recommend either Dropbox or WeTransfer. You can also bring in your files on USB or hard drive. Have any queries or questions? Feel free to contact us in the studio at 01273512554 or send us a message here.

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