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Spirit of Eden

Spirit of Eden limited edition silkscreen is one of two prints we published in 2012 celebrating the body of work created by James Marsh for Talk Talk throughout the 1980s. The two silkscreen prints, Spirit of Eden and After the Flood, showcase the exquisite print craftsmanship of our collaboration with the artist to produce these works. Up to 30 separate screens were involved in recreating all the complex colour and detail, including subtle differences from the original painted works which distinguish them from any print reproductions and give us two completely original pieces of work.

The original artwork was painted by James Marsh in 1975 and he has said it is about Man’s affinity to the sea and its potency. It was painted in oils on part of an old tea chest and unlike many of his works for Talk Talk was produced before he started working with the band. You can buy these prints in our shop

James Marsh is a painter, illustrator, designer and author, best known for his striking album covers for new wave band Talk Talk.

Born in 1946, James Marsh graduated from Batley College of Art and Design in 1965, moving to London to work for Pye Records, then Decca. In 1968 he joined Alan Aldridge to form Ink Studios, collaborating on Alan’s Beatles Illustrated Lyrics publication and Warhol's Chelsea Girls poster.

Since 1976, having run his own highly acclaimed studio, Head Office, for eight years, he has worked independently, and was recognised by the Independent newspaper in their “Top Ten Leading British Illustrators". During his period he was also a founder member of The Association of Illustrators and In the 1980s he published two stunning illustrated books Bizarre Birds and Beasts and From the Heart.

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