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Giclee paper sample packs available

We have been producing Giclee fine art prints for over 20 years. It is a flexible format for creating fine art prints with no minimum order quantity.



We run our Giclee printing through specialist large format Canon printers, with the finest archival inks onto a wide selection of fine art papers, photographic papers and canvas. These papers are carefully selected to produce high-quality art prints based on years of experience working with artists and galleries. 


Flexible with no minimum order quantity


LUCIA PRO 12-colour Ink system gives vivid colours and deep blacks


Canson® Infinity Certified Print Lab


Available on a range of photographic, fine art papers and canvas


The giclee process can be combined

with silkscreen

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Take a look at our range of paper options specially selected for high-quality archival giclee printing.

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Giclee prints are produced from digital images printed using high specification inkjet printers and specialist fine art papers. 

The term 'Giclee' comes from the French verb 'gicleur', which means 'to spray' and refers to how the printers apply the ink to the paper. 

What Is Giclee Printing?
Is this your first time creating prints? Our "how to turn your artwork into a print" article is full of helpful tips and advice. 

We can print from supplied digital images as well as offering a full photography and colour matching service if required. 

We check images supplied to us to ensure the results are of a high standard checking the resolution, sharpness as well as tone of the supplied files, and will contact you if there are any issues. 

You are not restricted to only printing onto standard paper sizes. The largest print our giclee printer can produce is 109cm wide x 2000cm long onto paper or canvas.  

Please see our Flatbed printing for UV digital prints onto paper, canvas, wood, glass, and acrylic, up to a maximum size of 125cm x 2500cm. 

Contact us for more information or a quote for our giclee printing services or call us on 01273 512554

Our Giclee Printing Services

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Take your giclee prints to the next level by adding silkscreen enhancement.   

As a studio steeped in the traditional silkscreen printmaking process, we developed methods to enhance giclee prints using silkscreen printing to add varnishes, gold leaf, diamond dust or fluorescent or metallic colours not available to digital printing.  

We believe that a print should be a work of art in its own right, not simply a photographic reproduction of an original. We encourage artists to work with us to use our skills and techniques to produce an original print edition. Please find out more about these techniques in our Finishes & Effects section.

We suggest a minimum run of 10 prints if silkscreen enhancement is desired. 

Contact us for more information or a quote for giclee prints with enhancements or call us on 01273 512554. 

Giclee Prints with Silkscreen
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