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Our latest edition to our printmaking services, the flatbed printer allows us to produce high-quality UV digital prints onto a wide variety of materials, not just paper. 


The flatbed printer takes Giclee printing to another level. As the production method has proven so popular, we now have added a second printer to keep up with demand. 

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Prints onto solid materials up to 45mm thick


UV ink produces high-quality fade and water resistant artworks


Creates texture on the artwork


Prints onto gold leaf and other finishes

Flatbed Printing on Glass

In common with a Giclee machine, the flatbed uses UV ink to produce high-quality fade resistant artworks.


Printing flat means that it’s now possible for us to deliver a digital print onto solid materials up to 45mm thick. We can print directly onto Perspex, wood, Dibond, aluminium, and glass.  

It takes our largest digital print size up to a maximum size of 125cm x 250cm (49'' x 98'') and expands the range of fine art papers we can print on. 

What Is Flatbed Printing?

We can print onto the whole range of fine art papers we hold in stock and customer-provided materials. 

The flatbed printer allows us to print over finishes and effects, including metal leaf and texture, giving new options for digital printing. 

Blacks can be printed flat, removing the issue of scuffing that sometimes occurs with standard Giclee printers. 

We can combine flatbed printing with silkscreen printing and our Finishes & Effects to create bespoke mixed media prints. 

Contact us for a quote or more information on our flatbed printing services or call us on 01273 512554

Our Flatbed Printing Services

Flatbed Printing on Aluminium
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