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David Spiller

Harwood Kind studio have worked closely with David Spiller for many years printing his amazing silkscreen limited editions.


Here is a selection of the limited edition prints we have produced for David over the years. We are still working with his estate and new editions will be coming to this page in future.

David Spiller created his silkscreen limited editions in collaboration with us developing a new work of art from one of his original paintings. He would choose the background image and layout, we would then work with him as he produced the overlays of text and images building up the layers of the print.


These different elements and colours were then transformed into screens and printed on the silkscreen press. Some editions are printed from up to 30 individual screens to create these vibrant and detailed images. The finished artwork is a unique combination of creative process of both the artist and the printer.


“I really want to make paintings that put some magic on the wall. Some of them are straightforward things. Some are wild things. But underneath, it says ‘I love you.’”
David Spiller 1942 – 2018

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